Investment Profiler

The conversations around your investments are deeply personal and unique to you as we provide bespoke investment solutions that encompass a complete view of your wealth goals.

Investment Conversations, Personal and Unique to You

We provide bespoke investment solutions that encompass a complete view of your wealth goals and aspirations and help develop personalized strategies which speak to your Personal Financial Goals, Retirement, Estate, and Tax planning needs. Whether you are a hands-on investor or willing to leave your investment decisions to designated experts, we will handle the investment process and provide solutions that best suit your needs.

Guidance Provided Through Various Models

Our investment advisors ensure the optimum asset allocation to optimize the potential long-term returns on your portfolio. We also believe that our ability to vary our approach helps us take advantage of short-term opportunities for our clients while ensuring a match between your Risk Profile as an Investor and the Products.

A wealth of Trusted Insight​

Our customized investment solutions take into account your financial goals, risk profile as an investor, as well as your personal financial circumstances amongst others.

Investment Solutions

We provide guidance to develop and execute the appropriate strategies to meet your long-term financial goals whether it be saving for retirement, tuition for education or simply acquiring a major asset such as a home.

In fulfillment of our goals as your trusted advisors, we would provide access to the services of knowledgeable professionals, to handle the investment process and provide products and services that suit you and your needs which could include;​

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Euro Bonds
  • Federal Government Bonds
  • State Government Bonds
  • Money Market Instruments
  • Bankers Acceptances
  • Commercial Papers
  • Real estate
  • Mutual funds
  • Private equity
  • Structured products and deposits
  • Equities (Stocks)

We believe that the decision to invest is a very personal one but also one that should be properly guided. We therefore strive to establish your full confidence in our people and processes.  Our services do not end with us investing on your behalf but rather a full ownership for jointly reviewing your portfolio and making either tactical or strategic changes as may be best suited to your needs and goals.

We welcome you to FirstBank Private Banking … a wealth of trusted insight

We Welcome You to FirstBank Private Banking

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